Computer Games and Programming Skills

Computer games and programming is an occupation that gives individuals the opportunity to work on many creative projects in a number of technology-related fields. Read on to learn more academic programs and career options in computer programming.

Programmers write code developed by software engineers. They often work on a team when designing games because the amount of programming required. Most programmers begin at entry-level positions with titles like junior programmer, and with experience and education may be promoted to other positions, including lead programmer, animation engineer, game database engineer and graphics or effects programmer.

If you’re interested in becoming a programmer and working on computer games, has a variety of information on degrees and careers relating to these areas.

Most employers prefer game programmers who possess a bachelor’s degree and have relevant experience to the specific job. Some employers may require only an associate degree if the applicant has demonstrated competency and knowledge in programming. Participating in an internship is also desired. A game programmer needs to be familiar with computer hardware, have good problem solving skills and above average listening skills. Earning a master’s degree is recommended for advancement and a higher salary.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree involving computer game programming, but your schedule does not allow you to attend a traditional college program, there are online courses and programs available. These distance learning options allow you to complete a degree program or just continue your education. The articles below provide more information on these distance learning opportunities.

There are various career paths in game development and programming. For example, if you possess game programming skills, you may be able to work as a graphics programmer, artificial intelligence engineer or an interface designer. The links below can help you decide which career path is right for you.


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